To compliment your new kitchen, you need a range of appliances that will withstand the test of time. Appliances are long term investments, so it’s important you choose the ones that are perfect for your style, from top brands such as NEFF, Bosch and Belling that will provide valuable use for years to come.
From free standing cookers, to built-in wall ovens and separate cooktops, there is so much choice when it comes to your culinary essentials. A range cooker is a fantastic selection for a traditional kitchen and is often referred to as the heart of the home. Choose from cast iron, stainless steel and even budget models that offer a classic country look for a fraction of the price.
If you’re looking for something more contemporary, there are an abundance of ovens on the market with new technologies that aim to improve the cooking experience. Double ovens, wall ovens and separate cooktops give you much more flexibility in the kitchen.
It’s important to choose the right extractor fan that will not only work with your cook space, but will also fit in with your kitchen theme. We offer some of the most innovative extractor fans available, that can seamlessly blend into your design. This includes decorative cooker hoods to make a statement, and downdraft extractors that are hidden away under your work surface for a minimalist look.
Another key appliance in the kitchen is the refrigerator. When deciding upon which style is right for you, be sure to think about the space it will use and how many people will be using it. For example, if you have a large family, an American style fridge-freezer would be the perfect addition as they offer ample storage. As with many appliances, you can have your fridge integrated into your cabinetry for a streamlined design.
A microwave, dishwasher, hot tap, built-in coffee machine and even a wine cooler are all additional finishing touches you may consider for your kitchen. These extras help to build a kitchen you can enjoy, whether you’re simply relaxing with a coffee, entertaining friends or cleaning with ease after cooking a hearty meal.
We offer hundreds of appliances from brands including NEFF, Stove, CDA, Bosch, Baumatic, Candy, Belling and more. Our designers have a vast amount of knowledge on each product and can advise you on the perfect appliances to suit your taste and kitchen style. Come and speak to one of our designers in our showroom,
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It’s a known fact that the average person will buy a new kitchen once every ten years, when you make the commitment to invest in a new kitchen for your home, it’s important you thoroughly plan and choose something that will withstand the test of time. Here are our 5 top tips when it comes to buying your new kitchen:
1. Set your budget
One of the first things to do is decide how much you’re willing to spend on your new kitchen. Be aware of any structural/layout changes that you may want to make and the types of materials you want to use for your new kitchen, including cabinets, worktops and appliances etc. You can then use this as a starting point for your budget.
2. Do your research
There’s no point dreaming of a stylish island if your home doesn’t have the space for one. Be realistic about the attributes for your new kitchen and research different themes to find the style you like best. For example, if you have small children, a gloss kitchen would be perfect as it not only looks amazing but it’s also easy to clean.
3. Visit our showroom
Once you have some initial ideas, visit our kitchen showroom to help you visualise how your new project could look. Our designers ECO Bradford have an extensive knowledge about the materials and appliances available, and can help bring your dream kitchen to life.
4. Get some designs
Your visit to our kitchen showroom should have given you a wealth of inspiration for your new home. From this, you can get an understanding of the colours, cabinets and worktops you like and get an initial design. At ECO Bradford we offer a free planning and design service where we will measure your existing kitchen and design your new one using a 3D state of the art system that shows you exactly how your new room could look.
5. Make sure you’re happy
The final step before you commit to buy is to make sure you’re 100% happy with the design and layout. If there’s a material you are unsure about, wait until you find something else you’re certain on. Our designers won’t push you into making any hasty decisions and will guide you the best we can.
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